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Bale Mountains

THE place for Mountain Nyala.  The other major species is Menelik's Bushbuck.  The best months are October - June.  The hunt is for 21 days at $1,675 = $35,175 + 15% VAT + $100 per day conservation fee and $30 per day game scout fee.  You will probably hunt much less, but you pay for 21 days.  Trophy fees are $15,000 for Mountain Nyala and $6,000 for Menelik's Bushbuck.  Other species usually available in the mountains are Colobus Monkey, Anabus Baboon, EA Bush Duiker and, occasionally, EA Bohor Reedbuck.


Danakil Desert

By adding 3 extra days at $1,675 per day (+ 15% VAT), you will have 24 days to hunt both the mountains and the desert.  There is also a $1,500 change-of-camp fee.  The major species are Beisa Oryx ($2,000), Lesser Kudu ($3,000), Soemmering's Gazelle ($2,600), Salt Dik Dik ($340), and Abyssinian Bushbuck ($700).  Other species usually available are Hamadryas Baboon ($1,000) and, occasionally, Ostrich, Golden Jackal, and Abyssinian Hare.


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